Lady Wildcats Soccer vs Yucca Valley HighSchool

I am always a proud parent of our Wildcats and I love to watch them through my lens putting their all into the game but on this particular night I have to say these lady Wildcats made me beyond proud.

Twentynine Palms Soccer Photography-29

Twentynine Palms Soccer Photography-47

Each and every one of these girls stepped onto the field with all their heart.  Such an amazing thing to watch; win or lose!

Twentynine Palms Soccer Photography-20   Twentynine Palms Soccer Photography-8Twentynine Palms Soccer Photography-12

These images speak for themselves as Joanna fights for her piece of the field.     Beautifully in motion! Twentynine Palms Soccer Photography-6

My daughter, #17 above, played like I have never seen before and I can only hope she continues to find the strength and drive to continue to grow. Twentynine Palms Soccer Photography-9

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