Slarve Maternity Session

Working with a client that I also know personally always adds a special touch. We were lucky enough to meet Chelsea and Willow when Kylie, my granddaughter, was coached by Chelsea for cheerleading. Of course as soon as I knew Chelsea was pregnant I couldn’t wait to start planning. We chose a relaxed session in her home that is gorgeous. Chelsea and Willow are naturals in front of the camera and I enjoyed every second of hanging out with them.

Enjoy all the natural light and beauty in this session. Beau is here now so be on the lookout for another beautiful in-home newborn session to hit the blog soon.

Thank you Slarve family for letting me capture such an amazing time in your life! I can’t wait to watch these kiddos grow up during playdates and in front of my camera!

Hailee is off to the next adventure – Senior Session

Where to even begin? Hailee and I have worked together since she was about 6. She was forever the assistant; requiring certain poses and finding areas that would make good scenery for our images. Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with her, getting to know her, her family and just watching her blossom into an amazing young women who is not only super smart but also super athletic. Hailee played many sports her entire life but softball eventually stole her heart and that is what she is currently doing, along with her studies Hailee is in Illinois playin softball for the Elmhurst Blue Jays! And let’s not forget how gorgeous she is!!

We got up really early and took our time to wonder around the community she grew up. Finding fun backdrops to add interest but Hailee’s smile was the true capture.

The hot pink dress shows off some of Hailee’s style and of course once again she killed and gave her mom and I so many gorgeous shots that it is hard to pick just one or two so as you can see this blog post is blown up with images. We have to talk about the hat! Hailee’s father respects and loves the man who wore his hat. He often tells stories and memories about his dad; the great man that he was. This hat has followed us in images for years with multiple children in this family. Hailee wanted to give honor to her grandfather by including it in her Senior Session and it looks like the hat was made for her.

The desert and it’s beauty really are of the variety that you either love it or you hate it. Growing up near the Joshua Tree National Park often teaches you just how beautiful the desert really is. This becomes a home, it becomes a piece in your heart that you know you are lucky to live her and see what it has to offer. Hailee once again rocked her images and showed off home for her!

This is what she has worked for. Spent countless hours studying, playing several sports throughout the year and falling in love with softball. Hailee was not only invite to attend Elmhurst University as a student but also as a softball player, #10 by the way. Although I know her family misses her every moment of the day they couldn’t be prouder of her adventurous spirit rising to the occasion and taking advantage of what she has worked so hard for. I can also say they super busy raising the next 3 kiddos that follow in age to Hailee.

The honor a family bestows on me to truly be a part of their lives and to watch their children grow, thrive is amazing. I am so glad to have captured this moment and so many more for this entire family. Love you Jenkins Clan

Ariza’s Quincenera 2022

I haven’t blogged my sessions in a very long time; this is something I am promising myself and my clients that I will do more often. I pride myself on each event and session having a story that is told through images but I also love to write about them.

Quincenera’s are always full of stories, details, traditions, fun, family and friends. I have had the honor of photographing several over the last few months and I am quickly falling in love with the day and all it entails!

This day had some additional meaning to Ariza and her family. I wouldn’t completely understand until later in the evening but what I did know in the beginning was that adult siblings were planning this big day; I would later know, it’s a very small town, that they had suffered the tragedy of loosing their mother to cancer and this tradition was left to the siblings to plan and make perfect for Ariza.

Ariza’s day started with photos meeting me in Lowell to capture one of the most iconic areas here in Southeast Arizona with its display of vintage buildings and especially the lined street of vintage cars. This was a perfect backdrop to capture her in all her beauty. A dress only a princess could wear, a brother willing to ensure that it was perfect for every image and a 15 year old girl ready to show off the beauty that comes with growing up. We even lucked into an owner who was willing to let us use their personal vehicle to work into our session.

We then drove to meet Ariza’s Quincenera court at the park in Old Town Bisbee. She defied tradition and had 5 males in her court. They were the BEST. They made sure her dress was well taken care of, not letting it drag all over the ground; they did their very best to get the photographs that Ariza wanted and they had a lot of fun. It was obvious that they were there to support their friend and to make her feel special on her big day!

And yet this day was only beginning. As we strolled through Old Town Bisbee we met up with Ariza’s very excited family. I began to watch relationships as they were apparent in the interactions during pictures and in between. Each dressed to perfection and ready to celebrate this amazing day and tradition in honor of Ariza.

Watching Ariza with each of her siblings told a different story; spoke of a different relationship that was very connected and loving. I would later see so much more of this and how this family has come together to support this young lady and show her all the love that is possible.

Mass is often a big part of the day for a Quincenera. Throughout the young ladies life she is taught about Catholicism by her family, church and classes that are required for her to complete in order to receive the blessings of a Quincenera. During the ceremony her family and friends hold their hands upon and above her to ensure that she knows blessings are to come as well as their promise to be with her through out this journey, that they support and love her.

Ariza was not allowed to see any of the decorations for her reception. She was surprised, emotional, happy and grateful for the detail and thought that went into making her day even more special. As you walked in you saw a beautiful display dedicated to her mother who was there in spirit and even in direction. After a rough 4 years of helping their mother fight cancer Ariza’s siblings made the decision that a Quincenera just wasn’t something they could do. Fundraising, financing, the emotions, the ups and downs had them all tired, ready to try to find their new normal but something spiritual happened. As they went through their mother’s things, there was a notebook. The cover read Ariza’s Quincenera. Upon opening the notebook written by their mother were the details of what she would have for Ariza on that day. Special details, specific details and a plan that they felt they could not ignore. That is when the planning for this day began.

Traditions continued. Ariza’s brother Eric changed her shoes signifying the change from a child to a young woman. He danced with her and created cherished memories. Her sister tapped in to support Ariza and to twirl her like no other. Their bond evident in the way they held one another and in their smiles. While dancing with her mother’s image a letter written by her mother, found in the Ariza’s Quincenera notebook was read aloud, professing her love, her pride, her hopes and dreams for her daughter. There was not a dry eye in the house and it was such a beautiful moment added to a day that one little girl expects and needs her mother. It wasn’t long before another aunt was holding, comforting and feeling with Ariza. This family amazed me and while I am sure I do not know the entire story I can tell you that what unfolded that day way something beyond love, beyond amazing and just beautiful. I can only hope I gave their story justice.

And then just like that, they were ready for the celebrations to begin. They danced the night away knowing they had given Ariza a night to remember, one her mother would be proud of and one that they as her family could call a sucess.

She said yes! Rivera Proposal – Sierra Vista Wedding and Event Photographer

I was super excited when Angel asked me to help him capture this moment forever. I haven’t had the opportunity to capture the minute when someone says yes! Everything was planned down to the tee with family in attendance and champaign for toasting. These two have a forever love story as their relationship began long before they were a couple. On December 12th this year they celebrated 5 years together so with a few details left out Angel convinced Juliana that I needed them to model a couples sessions for my portfolio. She was excited and said yes to that too.

These two laughed the entire time so the few somewhat serious or posed images were not the norm but that always makes for a better set of images in this photographer’s opinion. I couldn’t choose which ones I loved more so I am oversharing. The colors, the love and the silliness all captured perfectly with these two!

Southern Arizona – Sawvell Cake Smash Session

OMG so much fun. I’ve been shooting in my studio – a dream forever and having a blast. This little lady here wasn’t messing around. She barely touched the cake with her hands but she was definitely ready to dive in. Have a 1st birthday coming up, lets design a session together. Have a 30th birthday coming up cake smashing is still fun!

Love this outfit, made by me and available through Grace and Roses Inspired Creations. Check it out on

Southern Arizona Family Photographer – Beautiful and Generational

Sometimes it just all fall into place and that is exactly what happened in this session. Bea contacted me to do a mommy and me session with her little lady, they missed out on a newborn photoshoot due to Covid. When she told me that she was bringing her mom along to help with the itty bitty we decided to try for some 3 generation images. With that magic happened! These three rocked their session, the weather, the lighting everything fell into place and what we have here is amazing!

Southern Arizona Photographer – Questions to Ask? Interviewing a wedding photographer.

Kennedy (2)-110

As a photographer who likes to be an open book about her business and what is provided I often find myself in casual conversations about what photographers provide, what to look for, what to consider when you are hiring a photographer for your wedding day!  Some things I think are important to know when choosing who will capture that days events……

No one photographer is for every client out there and the same goes for clients, not everyone is meant to work together so it is very important to really consider your choices.

The best place to start is do you love their work.  We are artists and we have all heard that art is subjective; the same is true for our photographic art, our images.  While one photographer may shoot from a very candid view, another may appreciate posed images more.  Which do you prefer?  There are many that are very talented at providing a good mixture of both.  Do appreciate the art that they post?  Check their social media platforms and their website, a common misconception is that a hired photographer will provide the exact editing style that you are looking for.  This is not accurate some are light and airy with their editing style while others have a more moody feel; make sure you like what you see and that is how you want your story to visually look when it is being told.Bride & Groom 1st Look-20

Ok so you love what you see.  Now it is time to start the conversation.  But where do you begin?  If you have a budget that you want to stick with that is a very important place to start the conversation.  There is no reason to spend your time or that business owners if there is no intention or ability to book them.  Many of us live on a budget, weddings are expensive and most weddings live on a budget too ;).  When looking at pricing it is important to understand what that includes.   Do you want a second shooter, two photographers capturing your day?  Know what events of the day are included in your coverage, is it based solely on hours or are they staying all day?  What do you get when the day is over?  There are photographers who only include prints, some include all images as digital files that you can download, many include both prints and digitals – sometimes only their time to photograph the event is included.   It is important that both you and your photographer are on the same page when it comes to coverage and the final product.  There are no do overs when capturing this day.  You never want yourself or your photographer to be unclear as to what everyone’s expectations are day of or when receiving the final images.

Ok so you have agreed on a budget, what is included and you are ready to hire this photographer – well I have a few more things you should be thinking about to make your day’s final images everything you could imagine.

Bridal Party Getting Ready00026

Your photographs on your wedding day are intimate peeks at everything that happens.  From getting ready and dressed, to romantic moments with you and your new spouse, to catching the moments that are happening all along the way you want to make sure there is a comfortability with the one person that is going to follow around through all of those experiences.  Compatibility is so important.  Meet with your photographer candidates, do you connect, can you relate?  How will you feel if this person is literally following you around for this big moment in your life?  Remember that part where I said everyone isn’t for everyone, blah blah blah well this can be a BIG mistake.  If you or your soon to be spouse are uncomfortable with this person’s personality it WILL affect your day.  Schedule an engagement session if you are on the fence.  You may find that you are a really good fit or maybe you can’t imagine listening to that person’s jokes all day.  You never know but your wedding day is too important to not be sure!


This is an important conversation to have and I would love your feedback or questions!

A year just flies by – Southern Arizona Photographer

We met over a year ago to announce that the Okkema’s were growing from two to three!  We planned the maternity session and newborn session, I couldn’t have been more excited when you asked me to continue to commemorate this time indoor family’s life!  From announcements to being a one year old ready to conquer the park, that cake but not the balloon machine ;).

This girl did a number on that cake.  She really didn’t eat much of it but she made sure it knew who the boss was and that she made a good mess for me to photograph!  Her excited smile had us cracking up the entire session and made me smile while editing these gorgeous images.

Can’t wait to continue to capture your journey as the Marine Corps takes you across the country.  How lucky am I that they are sending you somewhere I already have a place to stay!  Continue to enjoy every moment that this time has to offer and I look forward to see you all soon!