Shane’s 10 months Session – Oceanside Family Photographer

I have had the honor of photographing this little guy since he was in his momma’s tummy.  The first time I met him was only hours after he was born.  Watching him and photographing him for the past 10 months has allowed me the opportunity to capture his first year in forever moments.   Next stop a “cake smash” for his ONE year photos! Oceanside Baby Photography-10Oceanside Baby Photography-12His mom and I are hoping to create his story through these images, A Year in his Life.  So many changes have already happened over the past ten months!Oceanside Baby Photography-11Yesterday we spent our time playing and capturing this little guys personality which is BIG!  He is such a happy baby that he was all over the place and giggling the whole time.  This picture with Bettina ready to him is one of the few we captured without him on the move.                                Oceanside Baby Photography-7Oceanside Baby Photography-8Oceanside Baby Photography-1                    Oceanside Baby Photography-9          Look at these smiles and these eyes, I think his parents are in trouble because the could melt a heart that’s for sure!

Oceanside Baby Photography-3

Oceanside Baby Photography-4                                                 Daddy time in this house is so cherished as he just got home after being deployed and is now the toy for his little mister.  Shane got up there on dad’s shoulders and immediatly began to giggle and bounce, it was a classic first that we were lucky enough to capture on film.Oceanside Baby Photography-5 Oceanside Baby Photography-6                                                              More to come with this Year in the Life baby!  Keep your eyes open for the great One Year Old session we have planned!

Lady Wildcats Soccer vs Yucca Valley HighSchool

I am always a proud parent of our Wildcats and I love to watch them through my lens putting their all into the game but on this particular night I have to say these lady Wildcats made me beyond proud.

Twentynine Palms Soccer Photography-29

Twentynine Palms Soccer Photography-47

Each and every one of these girls stepped onto the field with all their heart.  Such an amazing thing to watch; win or lose!

Twentynine Palms Soccer Photography-20   Twentynine Palms Soccer Photography-8Twentynine Palms Soccer Photography-12

These images speak for themselves as Joanna fights for her piece of the field.     Beautifully in motion! Twentynine Palms Soccer Photography-6

My daughter, #17 above, played like I have never seen before and I can only hope she continues to find the strength and drive to continue to grow. Twentynine Palms Soccer Photography-9

Twentynine Palms Wildcats – Boys Soccer vs Desert Mirage

Twentynine Palms Boys Soccer Photographs-27 My photography began with my own kids and all these boys that have played sports with my son for many years!  I love every opportunity to get out and take action shots of these kids!

Twentynine Palms Boys Soccer Photographs-23Twentynine Palms Boys Soccer Photographs-1

They always play with their hearts on their sleeves!  Each of them finding thier own place amoung this team.  These boys have had some great coaches through the years but have not had te consistency that is paramount to great teams, they have overcome and made this their team.  As my own son’s time comes to an end this season I look forward to continuing to watch this team grow! Twentynine Palms Boys Soccer Photographs-3 Twentynine Palms Boys Soccer Photographs-2

Lady Wildcats vs Desert Mirage

Twentynine Palms Wildcat Soccer Photography-9 Twentynine Palms Wildcat Soccer Photography-46 Twentynine Palms Wildcat Soccer Photography-18

I have watched these girls grow and become an amazing set of team mates over the years.  They have never had it easy as they have changed coaches, obviously players and they are generally counted as the under dog but so many of these girls have played with all their heart for so many years it is an honor to watch them.  They have grown,they have stumbled but at the end of the day or the game they are all 29 Palms Wildcats!

Twentynine Palms Wildcat Soccer Photography-3Twentynine Palms Wildcat Soccer Photography-17

Twentynine Palms High School Girls Soccer – Lady Wildcats

  Twentynine Palms High School Soccer Photographs-14Twentynine Palms High School Soccer Photographs-3  Twentynine Palms High School Soccer Photographs-2

My kids play on both the boys and girls soccer teams for Twentynine Palms High School and it is always my pleasure to capture their games through photographs.  There is something that image catches, their intesity.  Twentynine Palms High School Soccer Photographs-4 Twentynine Palms High School Soccer Photographs-1Twentynine Palms High School Soccer Photographs-8Twentynine Palms High School Soccer Photographs-9

These girls have heart, they get in there and push themselves and each other to make a difference for themselves, their team and their high school experience!Twentynine Palms High School Soccer Photographs-11

Introducing Some Great Couple Shots

couples photography sessions (9)

Couples always offer such a varing experience in how I photograph.  From the couples who just just found each other to those who have spent many moments together there is something magical about capturing the emotions related to them – to who they are when they touch!couples photography sessions (2)

couples photography sessions (7) couples photography sessions (5)

Whether I get to snap a quick shot while the kids are running around or I have a session with just the couple tehmselves there is always a moment where you can watch the connection and lucky enough I can see the beauty through my lens!

couples photography sessions (8) 

couples photography sessions (4)Love, smiles, sparks, whatever I can capture, I am honored.  Another chance that so often isn’t taken but should be so cherished.  Take a moment, look eachother in the eyes; smile, laugh, or notice something new but either way enjoy it for the moment that it is!

Some Senior Favorites

2013 for me is going to be a year of change and really trying not to cry everytime my son, who is 17, does something!  I am so excited to see him head into the world, discover, and find out who he is; just wish as mom it didn’t evoke so many emotions 🙂

This collage is a few favorites over the past two years of senior session photos! One of the bonuses to living in a small town is that I have watched many of these kids grow up with my own kids, I even get to see them now and again as young adults.