Hailee is off to the next adventure – Senior Session

Where to even begin? Hailee and I have worked together since she was about 6. She was forever the assistant; requiring certain poses and finding areas that would make good scenery for our images. Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with her, getting to know her, her family and just watching her blossom into an amazing young women who is not only super smart but also super athletic. Hailee played many sports her entire life but softball eventually stole her heart and that is what she is currently doing, along with her studies Hailee is in Illinois playin softball for the Elmhurst Blue Jays! And let’s not forget how gorgeous she is!!

We got up really early and took our time to wonder around the community she grew up. Finding fun backdrops to add interest but Hailee’s smile was the true capture.

The hot pink dress shows off some of Hailee’s style and of course once again she killed and gave her mom and I so many gorgeous shots that it is hard to pick just one or two so as you can see this blog post is blown up with images. We have to talk about the hat! Hailee’s father respects and loves the man who wore his hat. He often tells stories and memories about his dad; the great man that he was. This hat has followed us in images for years with multiple children in this family. Hailee wanted to give honor to her grandfather by including it in her Senior Session and it looks like the hat was made for her.

The desert and it’s beauty really are of the variety that you either love it or you hate it. Growing up near the Joshua Tree National Park often teaches you just how beautiful the desert really is. This becomes a home, it becomes a piece in your heart that you know you are lucky to live her and see what it has to offer. Hailee once again rocked her images and showed off home for her!

This is what she has worked for. Spent countless hours studying, playing several sports throughout the year and falling in love with softball. Hailee was not only invite to attend Elmhurst University as a student but also as a softball player, #10 by the way. Although I know her family misses her every moment of the day they couldn’t be prouder of her adventurous spirit rising to the occasion and taking advantage of what she has worked so hard for. I can also say they super busy raising the next 3 kiddos that follow in age to Hailee.

The honor a family bestows on me to truly be a part of their lives and to watch their children grow, thrive is amazing. I am so glad to have captured this moment and so many more for this entire family. Love you Jenkins Clan