Twentynine Palms Photographer – Lady Wildcats vs Big Bear

Girls Soccer - Photography - Twentynine Palms-170 Girls Soccer - Photography - Twentynine Palms-164 These girls amaze me more and more all the time!  The each play with all their heart.  This team is a family and it is amazing to watch them care for each other on and off the field!Girls Soccer - Photography - Twentynine Palms-162 Girls Soccer - Photography - Twentynine Palms-143 I have watched this team grow through out the years.  Seniors like Destiny #24 will be missed on the field next year as new young ladies come to the high school to be young Lady Wildcats!                Girls Soccer - Photography - Twentynine Palms-107 Girls Soccer - Photography - Twentynine Palms-94 Girls Soccer - Photography - Twentynine Palms-4Another senior #25, she is our lightening fast girl who is down the field before anyone else knows what’s coming! Girls Soccer - Photography - Twentynine Palms-11 Girls Soccer - Photography - Twentynine Palms-16 Girls Soccer - Photography - Twentynine Palms-17 Girls Soccer - Photography - Twentynine Palms-35

Lady Wildcats Soccer vs Yucca Valley HighSchool

I am always a proud parent of our Wildcats and I love to watch them through my lens putting their all into the game but on this particular night I have to say these lady Wildcats made me beyond proud.

Twentynine Palms Soccer Photography-29

Twentynine Palms Soccer Photography-47

Each and every one of these girls stepped onto the field with all their heart.  Such an amazing thing to watch; win or lose!

Twentynine Palms Soccer Photography-20   Twentynine Palms Soccer Photography-8Twentynine Palms Soccer Photography-12

These images speak for themselves as Joanna fights for her piece of the field.     Beautifully in motion! Twentynine Palms Soccer Photography-6

My daughter, #17 above, played like I have never seen before and I can only hope she continues to find the strength and drive to continue to grow. Twentynine Palms Soccer Photography-9

Twentynine Palms Wildcats – Boys Soccer vs Desert Mirage

Twentynine Palms Boys Soccer Photographs-27 My photography began with my own kids and all these boys that have played sports with my son for many years!  I love every opportunity to get out and take action shots of these kids!

Twentynine Palms Boys Soccer Photographs-23Twentynine Palms Boys Soccer Photographs-1

They always play with their hearts on their sleeves!  Each of them finding thier own place amoung this team.  These boys have had some great coaches through the years but have not had te consistency that is paramount to great teams, they have overcome and made this their team.  As my own son’s time comes to an end this season I look forward to continuing to watch this team grow! Twentynine Palms Boys Soccer Photographs-3 Twentynine Palms Boys Soccer Photographs-2

Twentynine Palms High School Girls Soccer – Lady Wildcats

  Twentynine Palms High School Soccer Photographs-14Twentynine Palms High School Soccer Photographs-3  Twentynine Palms High School Soccer Photographs-2

My kids play on both the boys and girls soccer teams for Twentynine Palms High School and it is always my pleasure to capture their games through photographs.  There is something that image catches, their intesity.  Twentynine Palms High School Soccer Photographs-4 Twentynine Palms High School Soccer Photographs-1Twentynine Palms High School Soccer Photographs-8Twentynine Palms High School Soccer Photographs-9

These girls have heart, they get in there and push themselves and each other to make a difference for themselves, their team and their high school experience!Twentynine Palms High School Soccer Photographs-11