B Man – Twentynine Palms Photographer Fall minis

So the Big B Man and I go way back!  Like way back… when he was a baby bump.  So I am always excited to get to catch up and capture where he is at now.

Well the big news; two missing teeth that he proudly showed off for me.  The other is that he grins with an evil twist when you let him play in the leaves and throw them at himself.   And that my daughter, Miss Kaylyn, who babysat him for years, just her name still makes him smile <3. Thank you for always trusting me to chronicle these times and  I’m excited next year is a mom and dad year too 🙂

Twentynine Palms Photographer, Yucca Valley Photographer, Twentynine Palms Children's Photography, Yucca Valley Children's Photography 1

If you are ready to capture your Big Guy contact Memories by Tasha Photography!

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