{ Ashleigh and Andre’s New Little One } Twentynine Palms Maternity and Newborn Photography

These two came to me in May for their maternity session so I was excited to also be asked to photograph their new little one shortly there after.  We met half way at a small park in Lucerne Valley for an outdoor session where we had lots of fun.  A cousin came along so of course we had to add her into the session.  With two active duty parents this little one is in for an adventurous lifestyle.

Photographing newborns is always amazing to me.  The opportunity to capture a time in a family’s life that is new and all about love.  Each story different and full of exploration of who you have become as an individual, as a parent, and as a family.  What an honor to be asked to be a part of this time in each of my client’s lives!

Twentynine Palms Maternity and Newborn Photography- Tucker

{Lucille’s One} Twentynine Palms Children’s Photographer

When Lucille’s mommy contacted me about scheduling a Cake Smash session I was super excited.  With ideas in hand we scheduled her session for a gorgeous local preserve and park; one that the family frequents often so it made for a perfect backdrop to memorialize this occasion.

I met Lucille’s mom through business dealings about two years ago so I was lucky enough to see her transition from wife to mom as her belly grew.  We lost touch for a bit but when she emailed me to capture the First Birthday images I couldn’t wait.

Lucille with her beautiful porcelain skin was delightful to photograph as we moved through a few different set ups.  She definitely wanted to be on the move and was very serious the entire time we were shooting.  With family all over, including Canada, I know all be excited to see this stuffed animal party and Lucille’s cheek.  When not looking at her beyond poofy cheeks you may be caught in those blue eyes.  I know I was.  She wasn’t a huge fan of the cake which in the long run always makes mom happy she played along for us so we could get some adorable shots with lots of facial expressions I am sure will make everyone smile.

Thank you again Dusastre family for letting me capture this exciting day!

Twentynine Palms Photographer - Yucca Valley Photographer-1 Twentynine Palms Photographer - Yucca Valley Photographer-Dusastre

{Santiago Newborn Session} Yucca Valley Maternity and Newborn Photographer

I got to capture this family from bump to baby; aren’t they gorgeous!  Mom loves everything girly, anything pink, pearls, lace so we had a great time incorporating all those elements into this newborn session!  Anslee wanted to stay awake for all her beautiful images; once we got her into this deep sleep we snapped away capturing many gorgeous sweet images.  Congratulations Santiago family!

Twentynine Palms Photographer - Yucca Valley Photographer- Twentynine Palms Family Photography - Yucca Valley Family Photography -Twentynine Palms Newborn Photography - Yucca Valley Newborn Photography - Santiago

{Seibert Family} Twentynine Palms Family Photographer

8 month old twins, mom and dad, the park what a good morning.  These two weren’t too sure that they wanted to participate in our photo session but through some playing and fun they got on board.  They couldn’t have been cuter and this session was pretty awesome since this family was just reunited after a long deployment.  These little guys were all about mommy and daddy, big smiles, some shoulder time, the swings and we captured a little piece of their story!

Twentynine Palms Photographer - Yucca Valley Photographer- Twentynine Palms Family Photography - Yucca Valley Family Photography - Seibert

{Kuenhl Family} Twentynine Palms Family Photographer

As their family’s adventures were taking them across the world to Italy they wanted to capture a piece of their time here in the beautiful desert.  Despite the windy conditions they showed dressed in gorgeous colors and ready to have some fun.  We did a little climbing, maybe some bribing and most definitely some great picture capturing.  Capturing the National Park was important because they enjoyed many times climbing and hiking while stationed here.  I’m glad I was able to send a little piece of the desert with them!

Twentynine Palms Photographer-Yucca Valley Photographer

{ Adkins Family Session } Twentynine Palms Family Photographer

This family wanted to capture where their little man was today.  At an age where sitting still really is never an option we had to adapt and move to capture him with the camera.  Okay so we may have tried to trap him as well 🙂 the slide seemed to be the trick that worked.  We captured a few quick family shots as well to recognize this part of their lives as they transition into the next.

Twentynine Palms Photographer - Yucca Valley Photographer- Twentynine Palms Family Photography - Yucca Valley Family Photography - Adkins

{Frankie turns ONE!} Twentynine Palms Photographer

So this big guy, Frank the Tank, and I have been hanging out for a while now.  I have had the pleasure of photographing his family for years and him since his newborn session!  If you look closely you will see he carries the nickname Frank the Tank but he is just a big love except when we feed him cake or try to take his picture.  Now in all fairness to him I think his dad conspires against us to get this guy to smile on picture day but that’s ok we always make it work and we always get the picture 🙂  I’m so glad I have been able to watch him grow and look forward to being there when it’s time for his Senior Pictures ❤Twentynine Palms Photographer, Yucca Valley Photographer, Twentynine Palms Cake Smash Sessions, Yucca Valley Cake Smash Sessions