Hailee is off to the next adventure – Senior Session

Where to even begin? Hailee and I have worked together since she was about 6. She was forever the assistant; requiring certain poses and finding areas that would make good scenery for our images. Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with her, getting to know her, her family and just watching her blossom into an amazing young women who is not only super smart but also super athletic. Hailee played many sports her entire life but softball eventually stole her heart and that is what she is currently doing, along with her studies Hailee is in Illinois playin softball for the Elmhurst Blue Jays! And let’s not forget how gorgeous she is!!

We got up really early and took our time to wonder around the community she grew up. Finding fun backdrops to add interest but Hailee’s smile was the true capture.

The hot pink dress shows off some of Hailee’s style and of course once again she killed and gave her mom and I so many gorgeous shots that it is hard to pick just one or two so as you can see this blog post is blown up with images. We have to talk about the hat! Hailee’s father respects and loves the man who wore his hat. He often tells stories and memories about his dad; the great man that he was. This hat has followed us in images for years with multiple children in this family. Hailee wanted to give honor to her grandfather by including it in her Senior Session and it looks like the hat was made for her.

The desert and it’s beauty really are of the variety that you either love it or you hate it. Growing up near the Joshua Tree National Park often teaches you just how beautiful the desert really is. This becomes a home, it becomes a piece in your heart that you know you are lucky to live her and see what it has to offer. Hailee once again rocked her images and showed off home for her!

This is what she has worked for. Spent countless hours studying, playing several sports throughout the year and falling in love with softball. Hailee was not only invite to attend Elmhurst University as a student but also as a softball player, #10 by the way. Although I know her family misses her every moment of the day they couldn’t be prouder of her adventurous spirit rising to the occasion and taking advantage of what she has worked so hard for. I can also say they super busy raising the next 3 kiddos that follow in age to Hailee.

The honor a family bestows on me to truly be a part of their lives and to watch their children grow, thrive is amazing. I am so glad to have captured this moment and so many more for this entire family. Love you Jenkins Clan

Twentynine Palms Photographer {Before and After}


There is so much that happens behind the scenes for a photographer after the session is over.  The desired affect is to get the image s close to perfect within your camera but there are some magical things that are done right here on my computer.  Above is my nephew – who of course I feel is perfect in every way – as I think about his parents hanging these images on their wall I want there to be a simplicity in looking at his details at the tiny things that are so precious while he is this itty bitty.  Through editing I simply want to remove distractions and create a cohesive image.


If you watched my work and the direction of it over the years I hope you have continued to see what truly matters, connection.  I want there to be a connection in every image I deliver so that is what I strive for.  When I bring the images home and look at them on my computer screen I want to feel the connection between the subjects or with me and the camera.  Once I have that I already have a beautiful image through editing I just hope to enhance what is already there.

Editing is as much of the art form as the time behind my camera.  It takes time and passion to create the final photograph that I deliver but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kelsey’s Senior Session with Memories by Tasha Photography – Yucca Valley Photographer

Twentynine Palms Senior Photographer - Yucca Valley SeniorPhotographer - Miehe

This is such an exciting time in our youths’ lives.  They are preparing for their tomorrows, enjoying their todays, and trying to figure it all out along the way.  This beautiful young lady was so much fun to photograph.  We wondered around the Morongo Preserve and Pioneertown to capture these fantastic images.  She wasn’t too sure about being the focus of the camera at first but as you can see she was a natural.  Both beautiful inside and out she is looking forward to her future all while serving God.  A wonderful soul.

Derek S. Class of 2017 with Memories by Tasha Photography – Twentynine Palms Photographer

This young man has already begun his adventures, he is simply moving into new ones.  As a Class of 2017 Twentynine Palms High School senior Derek has had some eventful things happening this year.  Receiving great accolades for his talented play in football he has just begun his baseball season.  He will no doubt go far and has already made his parents proud.  Congratulations Sutherland family!Twentynine Palms Senior Photographer - Yucca Valley SeniorPhotographer - Sutherland

If you want to capture your Class of 2017 senior contact Memories by Tasha Photography.  There are a few session spots available!

Kenny’s Senior Session with Memories by Tasha Photography {Twentynine Palms Photograph}

So behind on blogging so be on the lookout for lots of catch-up.

Meet Kenny!  From Twentynine Palms High School Class of 2013 this young man is now Norwich University Class of 2017 and soon to be in transitioning into the Air Force.  So much to be proud of for himself and his family.  I was able to capture a few photographs to celebrate all this hard work and next adventure!


If you and your family are celebrating old and new adventures that you would like photographed contact Memories by Tasha Photography!

Kevin Class of 2017 with Memories by Tasha Photography – Twentynine Palms Photographer

I strive in each session to tell a story, to create a lasting memory of this time in someone’s history.  Senior sessions are a chance for that young adult to express themselves as they are learning about who they are and who they want to be.  It is an in-between two paradigms in time for the senior and for the parents.  A time of great hope and sorrow.  When I get the chance to capture this for a senior and their parents it is a great privilege.

Kevin and I set out in the morning with some ideas but with no certain direction.  We found ourselves visiting Lucky Park where he spent many hours in the pool as a swimmer who has achieved many awards.  We spent some time at the iconic 29 Palms Inn, photographing near the fall colors and only natural body of water in Twentynine Palms.  Kevin wanted a couple of images taken with the metal art sign that decorates our highway and honors our city’s namesake.  Lastly we climbed some rocks and captured his personality amongst the beauty of the desert.  We even played with his hot rod mustang and added it into a few images too.

Kevin is an avid swimmer. He was ready to represent his high school and class with his letterman jacket.  Also an appearance his ASB shirt.  We even took sometime to sport his school colored beanie to add a little bit of teenager into our session.

In June I get to hang with Kevin and his family as he walks the stage to receive his diploma.  Such an exciting time in life for all!


WOW What a year 2016! – Memories by Tasha Photography

2017 has BIG things coming, I am beyond excited but before we move forward let’s take a moment to look back through this year of awesomeness!

Every year I am amazed at the collection of experiences I have through my lens.  The emotions, the connections, the relationships, reunions, new life and existing bonds, the moments captured; I am never quite prepared for all that it is.  The images before me never cease to inspire me to want to work harder for this business and for you my clients and friends.

Throughout the years, I have watched your families grow, change, send loved ones off to new adventures and reconnect again and again.  I have met so many new people, made new friends, hung out with those visiting our beautiful desert while on vacation, snuggled the newest of babies, so many of my own stories and experiences are because of all of you.  Capturing your love stories, your birth stories, your history and your hopes for tomorrow is always my honor and my goal. 

In this year, I have shared with you 39 families. 4 weddings, 1 vow renewal, 2 military retirements, 7 life events, 1 birth, 8 mommas & daddies to be, 11 newborns, 6 seniors, 3 military families reunited, 6 cakes smashes, 1 tea party birthday celebration, 1 sunset father/daughter dance session and 8 sessions celebrating childhood milestones.  I look at these collages and I am astonished at this year and the beauty that it has held. 


Thank you for choosing Memories by Tasha Photography.  Can’t wait to see you in 2017!

{ Gabby and Cat; BFFs } – Twentynine Palms Photographer

When I was contacted to photograph two BFFs for a birthday I was excited to discuss what we could do that would make this session different and special. We decided we would take some shots of them together and add a color session at the end. Unsure of what it was going to be like the girls showed up for a little adventure. We met at some abandoned structures in the desert to give us a little different feel and back drop. With the desire to chronicle this time and this friendship I just asked the girls to hang together and pretend that there wasn’t a camera on them 🙂 Our friendships throughout life become such a piece of who we are. Those that we grow with, share with, cry with, and just simply be with. Everyone should have a BFF photo shoot!

I still have no idea what was said during all the whispering but I know whatever it was they couldn’t keep from laughing and having a good time. There was a little hesitance when the color came out but quickly they found their silliness and began having fun. Both became decorated with beautiful colors! Success was made in capturing this time in each of their lives. Thank you again for letting me spend this time with you all!

Twentynine Palms Family Photographer-CatandGabby1


Twentynine Palms Family Photographer-CatandGabby2

{Jubilee’s Senior Session} Twentynine Palms Senior Photographer

I have had the pleasure of watching this young lady grow up the last few years.  Jubilee made the most out of her high school career as she played soccer, sang in the Select Choir and graduated at the top of her class academically.  Choosing stay local for the start of college then adventuring off to a bright future I am sure.  I am excited to share this beautiful session and person!

Twentynine Palms Photographer - Yucca Valley Photographer- Twentynine Palms Senior Photography - Yucca Valley Senior Photography - Jubilee

{ Hailee’s Senior Session } Twentynine Palms Senior Photographer

Hailee is a recent high school graduate ready to make her way in this world.  Always exciting for me to capture this time in life so I was glad we were able to get our schedules together.  We traveled through out the Basin to capture some desert scenes and some green.  I think both settings gave us a perfect mix with Hailee’s great smile for some amazing senior shots!Twentynine Palms Photographer - Yucca Valley Photographer- Twentynine Palms Senior Photography - Yucca Valley Senior Photography - Hailee